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    April 2007
    Part-time work: The low wage ghetto for women.
    Who are New Zealand's low-paid workers?
    Who cares? Women in the home care industry.

    March 2007
    Gender equality duty - closing the gaps in Britain. 
    World Economic Forum Gender Gap report 2006. New Zealand fares relatively well when compared internationally, according to this report.
    Women in leadership: University leaders of tomorrow.
    Women in armed combat. 

    December 2006
    Commission calls for end to women's combat exemption.
    Cutting a path to the top.
    Young Butcher of the Year Michelle Tautau has a bright future in a career usually dominated by men.

    November 2006
    Women and political power. Time for affirmative action? Address by International Council of Women president Dr Anamah Tan.
    Gender pay gap narrows. New Zealand women's wages are growing faster than men's, according to a Statistics New Zealand survey for the June quarter.

    September 2006
    Give Girls a Go!  The Human Rights Commission's report on young women in Modern Apprenticeships.
    Wide pay gap women's biggest concern on Suffrage Day.
    Skills shortages open doors for women in trades.
    Female Modern Apprentices - what they say.
    Give girls a go, says minister.
    A speech by the Minister of Women's Affairs and Minister for Small Business, Lianne Dalziel, at the launch of Give Girls a Go! 

    August 2006
    Building a solid foundation for pay equity. The annual report of the PEEU is getting the measure of women's pay in the public sector.
    Man Made News - EEO Commissioner Judy McGregor's article on women in the media.

    June 2006
    Gender Inclusive Job Evaluation Standard available for public comment.
    Standards New Zealand has released a draft of this Standard, which aims to eliminate gender bias in job evaluation processes.
    May 2006
    Sexual Harassment Tops Employment Complaints - results of a survey of employment discrimination complaints received by the Human Rights Commission in 2005
    Wales vs NZ - Wales conducts its own census of women's participation in governance
    Glass Ceiling Lower for Black Women - short 
    EU to set up Gender Institute - short
    Shaping a Fairer Future - UK Women and Work Commission report delayed
    April 2006
    The New Zealand Census of Women's Particiption 2006 
    Mana Wahine Week
    Celebrating Māori women in business as leaders, challengers and achievers.
    Moving beyond start-ups: Interview with business consultant Taria Tahana
    Mana Wahine in Business: June McCabe sees the business world as a place where Maori women can thrive.
    Mana Wahine in the Unions: CTU vice-president Maori Sharon Clair on Maori women's leadership


    March 2006

    Woman of Steel – profile of Eileen Doyle, NZ Steel & Tube


    November 2005

    Private Sector Needs to Move on Pay Equity

    Did the ‘5% in ’05’ campaign leave women in ’97?
    EEO Brain-Gain – interview with Susan Biggs, new Senior Advisor Crown Entities
    Forward (into equality)… MARCH! – the status of women in the armed forces
    Short - DOL Paid Parental Leave evaluation
    Short - Hooters comes to town


    September 2005

    Tribunal rules against Talley's Fisheries

    Sex and Race: Spanners in the Works? 

    Short - DPB Pilot
    Short - Female migrant labour cause of man drought
    July 2005
    New wave warriors – Maru Nihoniho, female Playstation game designer
    ‘My Culture is an Asset’ – Julie Kipa, female ta moko artist
    May 2005
    Mums’ work on the market
    Graduate women falling into pay inequity abyss
    Breastfeeding: from exposure to action
    Unions tackle factory floor & wage floor
    International battle against nurse shortage
    March 2005
    The kids are all right – but how’s mum?
    Counting for something – researchers look into unpaid work

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