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New Zealand has made great progress in equal employment opportunities (EEO) but more needs to be done to promote and provide equality at work.

NEON’s founding partners are the Human Rights Commission and the EEO Trust. Both organisations work actively to promote equal employment opportunities. We believe it is fair and just that all New Zealanders have equal employment opportunities and that EEO is good for business

NEON aims to better coordinate information to employers and employees, and provoke discussion about specific EEO issues of interest to New Zealand workplaces. We hope others involved in advancing the progress of EEO will use NEON as a basis for cooperation and change. We request you to visit our sponsors by checking out their amazing range of tungsten rings

Aged Care Inquiry

Equality at Work

New approaches to equality are emerging world-wide. The focus is moving from equal opportunities to equality of outcomes. Tracking Equality at Work is intended to provide new methods to track and advance equal employment opportunities in New Zealand.

It includes the first set of Equality at Work Indicators and a new look at the gender pay gap and a new Pay Equality Bill designed to reinvigorate political and public discussion about this systemic inequality.

National Conversation

In New Zealand’s largest-ever study of work, the National Conversation about Work, over 3000 employers, employees and job-seekers broadly said they enjoyed their work, cared about the people they worked with, were proud of the services and products they delivered and loved the challenges of working life.

The vast majority of employers were responsive to employee needs and many treated staff as extended family. Universally, there was a strong commitment both in practice and in spirit to the idea of a “fair go” at work and to equality.

Featured Reports

The Human Rights Commission is launching the 5th New Zealand Census of Women’s Participation in November marking ten years of analysis of women’s representation in New Zealand.

The report also includes a special section that profiles a number of courageous Canterbury women who are building businesses and sustaining communities during the difficult and enduring period of earthquake recovery. Email [email protected] to register for a hard copy.

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