Welcome to the National Equal Opportunities Network (NEON).

New Zealand has made great progress in equal employment opportunities (EEO) but more needs to be done to promote and provide equality at work.

NEON is a partnership between the Human Rights Commission and the EEO Trust. It promotes leading employment practices to employers, employees, trade unions, human resources personnel, small business and every person in New Zealand interested in decent and fair work.

NEON provides:

•Profiles of EEO Groups
•information about EEO issues
•advice for Crown entities on being a ‘good employer’
•national and overseas EEO news and media
•resources, research and case studies

NEON’s founding partners are the Human Rights Commission and the EEO Trust. Both organisations work actively to promote equal employment opportunities. We believe it is fair and just that all New Zealanders have equal employment opportunities and that EEO is good for business.

NEON aims to better coordinate information to employers and employees, and provoke discussion about specific EEO issues of interest to New Zealand workplaces. We hope others involved in advancing the progress of EEO will use NEON as a basis for cooperation and change.

The Human Rights Commission

Promoting EEO is a main function of the Human Rights Commission. The EEO Commissioner provides leadership and advice on EEO, develops guidelines, monitors and analyses progress in EEO and works with others promoting equal employment. The Human Rights Act 1993 sets out the prohibited grounds of discrimination and also outlines what constitutes discrimination in employment.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Trust

The Equal Employment Opportunities Trust provides EEO information and tools to employers and raises awareness of diversity issues in the workplace. The EEO Trust:

• assists employers in introducing and managing proven EEO thinking and practices
• encourages diversity by promoting the recruitment and development of people on the basis of merit and
• generates awareness of the business benefits and rewards of a versatile and inclusive workplace.

The Chair of the Trust is Mr Michael Barnett.

More about the EEO Trust.