The EEO Commissioner has responsibility for issuing good employer/EEO guidance to Crown entities and portfolio departments. For more information on the respective responsibilities of the EEO Commissioner, the State Services Commission and the Pay and Equity Employment Unit in regard to providing advice on EEO policy and practice click here.

Access the best advice from the EEO Commissioner on ‘good employer’ obligations here:

Legislation This section lists all the New Zealand legislation that mentions the ‘good employer’; it specifically refers to the Employment Relations Act and the relevant clauses of the Crown Entities Act 2004 and the Cabinet Minute giving the EEO Commissioner the responsibility to provide guidance.

  • Why be a good employer? This section provides facts and figures about why being a good employer is good for business.
  • What is a good employer? This section provides models on what an exceptional employer looks like and how diversity is layered; as well as case law and case studies.
  • How to be a Good Employer This section lists:
  • the key Employment Elements a good employer should consider;
  • guidance on staff engagement and consultation throughout the process;
  • the steps to ensure a comprehensive EEO programme;
  • an annual timeframe;
  • Statement of Intent and Reporting This section deals with ‘good employer’ intentions in the SOI and reporting on plans and progress in the ‘good employer’ report and the Annual Report.