The Human Rights Commission has published a number of tool kits and other resources to encourage, promote and monitor EEO. These are available on-line at and include: • Getting a Job (the A-Z)

• Good Employer/This includes a quick guide to being a good employer and an on-line tool-kit.

• Pay and Employment Equity/In addition to information about pay and employment equity, a tool to complete a pay and employment equity audit is available.

• Valuing Experience provides information both on older workers’ rights and responsibilities and tips for employers.

• Breaking Through advocates for the hiring and retention of young people.

• New Zealand Census of Women’s Participation examines the representation of women in governance in the corporate and public sectors as well as in other areas of professional life.

• What Next? The National Conversation about Work represents the views of over 3000 employers and employees working in a wide variety of industry sectors in cities, provinces and rural communities.